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Making A Claim After A Horrific Football Injury

By October 17, 2013General
Making A Claim After A Horrific Football Injury

Making A Claim After A Horrific Football InjuryWhen you think of grassroots football in the UK – specifically, adults playing on a Saturday or a Sunday – what do you think of?

Running around on an old, muddy field in the rain?  Maybe going to watch your partner’s team win  3-0?

What about the thought of you receiving an extremely strong sliding two-footed tackle, with the possibility of your leg being broken and you being off work for months on end?

Not many people think about that happening when they sign up for their local team in the summer pre-season months;  but believe us, it does happen.

It won’t always come from a reckless foul either; it could just as easily come from you tackling someone, maybe your studs get caught in the turf and you awkwardly twist your knee. Tearing the cartilage or ligaments in your knee will leave you on crutches for months!

That could lead to you not working for quite a while, which would then add a knock-on effect to the earnings you receive from your employers.

So where do you look for some form of compensation – the player that has hurt you? Or his team?

Football injury claims can be severely complex, and not all injuries will lead you to getting a form of compensation; contacting a reputable personal injury claims UK company is what you need to do.

Here at Personal Injury Claims Scotland, we suggest you get your claim in as soon as possible; this makes it easier for us to investigate it. We may need to talk to any witnesses – players, managers, officials or spectators.

Sporting claims are not just limited to injuries and reckless tackles. Sporting areas have a duty of care to ensure their facilities are a safe environment to be used and free of hazards, i.e. no broken glass, hazardous chemicals or anything else of that nature.

As part of your sports or leisure compensation claim in Scotland, we can recover damages for the injuries you have suffered, as well as any loss of earnings that you may have experienced due to your injury.

It is not easy to compare someone else who has received a compensation award and expect that the same monetary value can be applied to your circumstances; don’t fall into that trap.

It costs you nothing to consider talking with personal injury claims specialists, even if it is only to find out how the whole process will work and what might be possible, but if you don’t, you may try and settle the case for far less money than is really appropriate.