In recent years, Slip and Trip claims have been seen as the catalyst in ‘Compensation Culture’ and have been portrayed in a bad light, whilst it is a fact that they are within the highest claim category. Personal Injury Claims Scotland can assist you if you have been injured as a result of slipping, tripping or falling on floors, pavements, steps or ramps in a public place.

Public Liability claims vary widely from a trip over uneven pavements and/or potholes on public roads, slipping on wet surfaces in public places or on spilled produce in supermarkets to injury sustained from faulty equipment in playgrounds and sports centres. Local authorities have a duty to ensure that pavements and public highways are in a safe condition for public use.

Accident Compensation Claims Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Glasgow, Scotland

If the injury or accident has happened within the last three years, our expert in accident and injury claims can help you obtain the maximum compensation.  It greatly helps your case to have photographic evidence.

Contact us today to see if you are indeed entitled to make a claim and let our injury & accident claims experts guide you through the process .