Have you recently suffered an accident at your place of work ?

Was this because you were given incorrect tools for your job, or did you have to use faulty machinery?

Did you trip over material discarded on the workplace floor?

Do you believe that your injury/accident resulted from a lack of training, such as manual lifting or handling training?

Are you aware that your injury may have happened due to the company you work for not complying with strict health and safety regulations?

Within the work place, there are many reasons why you are not to blame for any accident or injury you may have suffered.  Don’t be afraid of claiming as your employer will be insured against you pursuing such a claim.

Workplace Accident Compensation Claims Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Glasgow, Scotland

If the injury or accident has happened within the last three years, our expert in accident and injury claims can help you obtain the maximum compensation.

Contact us today to see if you are indeed entitled to make a claim and let our injury & accident at work claims experts guide you through the process .

What we Can help You Claim for?

  • Compensation for your loss of income
  • Compensation for any potential loss of future income
  • Direct financial loss
  • Compensation for personal injury