What kind of hearing problems are there?
Hearing problems range from acoustic shock to tinnitus, and include temporary and permanent hearing loss.

How are these caused?
Acoustic shock is caused by exposure to sudden high pitched sounds such as an explosion or whines through faulty audio equipment.
Temporary or permanent hearing loss can occur when someone is exposed to loud noise over a prolonged period.
Tinnitus or ringing in the ears can be caused by a variety of factors including noise damage, stress or trauma to the head.

What are the symptoms?
Deafness can occur in the most serious cases, however even a degree of hearing loss can cause sufferers to mishear and lose parts of sentences and conversations, resulting in isolation and loneliness.
Tinnitus is described by sufferers as a ringing or whooshing sound in the ears which may be intermittent or permanent. The condition can prevent a person from sleeping and can cause anxiety.

This sounds like me, what should I do?
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