What are back injury claims?

Back Injury claims refer to claims for compensation when your lower to mid spine is injured in an accident or as a result of medical negligence.

  • Have you been involved in a road traffic accident which has resulted in a back injury?  or in Whiplash?
  • Have you sustained a back injury through work?  Heavy lifting at work can cause serious back injuries. The Manual Handing Regulations and Health and Safety laws protect you in the event of a lifting injury in the workplace, such that you can claim compensation from your employer should you suffer injury.
  • Do you believe your back injury is due to Medical Negligence – Operations on the spine can be very complicated and if such an operation is not performed correctly you might be entitled to claim compensation form the NHS trust responsible for the acts of all the doctors, nurses and other medical staff employed by them.
  • Is there another cause to your back injury? – such as slip and trip accidents or a sporting accidents?

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