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Personal Injury Solicitors Scotland - Specific Injuries Need Specialist Solicitors

Personal injury solicitors Scotland deal with many different accidents and injuries on a daily basis. But there are some personal injury claims Scotland wide that refer to specific incidents, accidents, and injuries - and some of those need dedicated, personal injury lawyers scotland and solicitors to deal with them. One such injury is asbestos. More and more people are discovering that they have asbestos-related illnesses, and they want to make a claim. It is, therefore, extremely important to contact a solicitor who has experience in this specific area, and who can work on your case quickly, efficiently, and correctly.

Personal Injury Claims Scotland - What Is Asbestos?

Simply put, asbestos is a material that used to be used in building work - it was used a lot before it came to light how dangerous it was to human health. Its main uses were for insulation, and it was often sprayed onto walls and ceilings. Many buildings that were built before 2000 (when asbestos was finally banned) could still have asbestos in them. Injury solicitors Scotland who deal with asbestos claims are fully aware of the history of this natural fibre. There are three different types of asbestos that personal injury solicitors Scotland may have come across when organising compensation. The first is called amosite. This is brown or grey, and the fibres are straight. They are made up mostly of magnesium and iron. The next type of asbestos is crocidolite. This is blue, and its fibres are also straight, but they are made from sodium iron magnesium silicate. This type of asbestos falls into the amphibole group. Finally, there is chrysotile. Chrysotile is a curly white fibre made of magnesium silicate - this is what most of the asbestos products are made from. Injury solicitors Glasgow, Edinburgh, or across Scotland don't necessarily need to know exactly which type of asbestos has caused the injury. It can be difficult to tell, as it is often mixed with other things, and, therefore, the colour is not possible to see. Nevertheless, asbestos is most dangerous when it is damaged or old, as the fibres fly into the air more easily.

Personal Injury Solicitors In Scotland - What Damage Does Asbestos Do?

Even though it is banned, asbestos still kills an estimated 5,000 people each year. Around 20 people die every week from their past exposure to asbestos. Fewer people are killed in car accidents than die from asbestos-related illnesses. Personal injury solicitors Edinburgh and beyond deal with these cases regularly. When building materials containing asbestos are damaged or moved, the air can be full of invisible, dangerous fibres which, when they are inhaled, can cause serious diseases. However, it can take many years for these diseases to take effect, which is why personal injury solicitors in Scotland are still helping those who are suffering to gain compensation, even when asbestos has been banned for almost two decades. Asbestos can cause a number of fatal diseases. One of these is mesothelioma. This is a specific type of cancer that affects the pleura (the lining of the lungs) and the peritoneum (lining of the lower digestive tract). The only way to get this particular illness is through asbestos exposure. Another terrible illness is asbestos-related lung cancer. This is just as common as the more specific mesothelioma. Perhaps the most common disease that is caused by asbestos is asbestosis. This is scarring of the lung, and causes progressively worse shortness of breath. It can also be fatal. Finally, pleural thickening can be caused by asbestos. The lining of the lung swells, which crushes the lung itself causing shortness of breath. Personal Injury Claims Scotland can help with all of these issues.

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