Personal Injury Solicitors In Scotland

Personal Injury Solicitors In Scotland - Things To Avoid When Choosing A Solicitor

Personal injury solicitors in Scotland represent individuals claiming compensation after a range of accidents that have left them with injuries. The great majority of solicitors work with your interests in mind. Any that use the following terms, should, however, be avoided at all costs.

Any personal injury solicitors Scotland wide that even suggest that you are guaranteed to win your claim are best avoided. Note that this is different to telling you that you have a good claim, or informing you of their past successes with similar claims. All solicitors have the right to tell you how good they are, but none of them can guarantee success. You also need to watch out for any mention of loan agreements. These are rarely used by solicitors because clients are more aware, but if you are asked to sign one, back away quickly as it could cost you in the long run. One alternative that is still occasionally used during personal injury claims Scotland wide is kickbacks. This is used to syphon money off of your compensation to cover elements such as service charges or administration fees. These charges and fees can end up eating up your entire compensation, so again solicitors that insist on this approach should be avoided. Another term used to charge deductions from your compensation is 'Maximum Compensation', so be aware. How do you avoid these traps? That's actually the easy part, talk to the solicitors and read all paperwork carefully before agreeing to and signing anything.

If you want to ensure you don't get caught out by any of these approaches, then get in touch with Personal Injury Claims Scotland. Our personal injury solicitors in Scotland really do put your interests first, and although we have a 96 per cent success rate we will never make promises we cannot keep. Visit today to start your personal injury claim.

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