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Driving These Dangerous Roads In Scotland Requires Personal Injury Solicitors In Glasgow

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Personal Injury Solicitors In Glasgow

Driving anywhere at any time is not without its dangers. Speed, poor weather, and general bad driving can all cause accidents. However, if you drive on certain roads in Scotland, your risk of an accident greatly increases. Here are just a handful of the roads that are most likely to result in you needing the services of personal injury solicitors in Glasgow.

The A82 is the second largest road in Scotland, and has also acquired the reputation for being the second worst road in Scotland. The dangers are a combination of poor planning and the general condition of the road. One of the main problems is the hairpin bends that take the road around Loch Lomond. The road itself was described by the Highlands and Islands Transport Partnership as only having 42 miles (of the whole 147 miles) that are of a functional standard. So high is the risk of you needing the services of personal injury solicitors in Glasgow after a trip on this road, that it has its own campaign group lobbying the Scottish government for improvements. The A70 has a combination of real world and other worldly dangers that may lead to accident claims Scotland wide. Once the route used by Burke and Hare to transport bodies to Edinburgh Medical College, it is also home to at least one UFO sighting. Possibly more worrying is that its poor reputation for safety has meant that it has been entered by both the AA and Collins Atlas as one of the most dangerous roads in Scotland. The list also includes the A726, which has been likened to a race track. There is also the A9, which despite its high fatality rate in the time to 2014, still wasn’t statistically the most dangerous road in Scotland, or the one with the greatest likelihood of injury claims Scotland.

While all these roads are dangerous in their own way, none come close to the risks and need for injury solicitors Glasgow based that are posed by the A937/A90. Between 2007 and 2011, there were 16 fatal or serious injuries in a 13km stretch of the road. More worrying perhaps is that this section of the road is considered to be quiet. A-roads are notoriously more dangerous than motorways, and this list backs up that belief. One of the reasons for this is that drivers treat the roads like motorways, while the roads are not designed or built for motorway driving. So, if you do find yourself on one of these roads, how do you reduce your risk of causing an accident? The main thing to do is take a long look at your approach to driving. Do you take unnecessary risks? Do you put yourself and other at risk by your driving actions? This might be anything from not using your indicators when overtaking, to overtaking on a blind bend. Small differences, like reducing your speed, leaving the correct distance between yourself and the car in front, and of course, not fiddling with your mobile, or your radio while driving can all make a difference. However, it doesn’t account for the driving habits of others that could still leave you needing the services of personal injury lawyers Scotland.

One other step you can take is to ensure that you check the weather forecast before you head out. Not doing so is a dangerous mistake to make with Scotland’s roads, even those that are deemed safe from needing injury solicitors Scotland wide. Also, make sure you are prepared, that all your insurances are up to date and in order, and that your vehicle is road worthy. All these elements will help personal injury solicitors in Glasgow to fight your case if they are needed.