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Personal Injury Solicitors In Glasgow - Claiming After An Accident On Public Transport

Personal injury solicitors in Glasgow deal with a range of road traffic accidents including those that involve public transport. While severe injury after an accident on public transport in Scotland is rare, this shouldn't stop you from claiming compensation if you are injured due to the actions of another.

As with any personal injury claims Scotland wide, it is up to your solicitors to provide evidence of fault in relation the accident. Compensation claims can prove more difficult with public transport depending on the type of incident. This does not mean that you shouldn't take claims to personal injury solicitors Scotland based. It does mean that you have to be vigilant and collect all the proof that you need. Firstly, collect all the facts that you can, including the number of the bus, its registration, route, and destination in Scotland. If possible, get the name and number of the bus driver. Be clear about where the accident happened and any other vehicles or obstacles that were involved. Make sure you can tell your solicitor in Scotland where you were sitting, the number of people on the bus, and exactly what happened. Don't be tempted to make assumptions about the causes of the accident; just record what you saw, heard and felt. If the bus had CCTV make a note of this as well; it could be important later on. If the police are on the scene, make sure you give your statement to them, and take note of the officer's number. No matter how minor your injuries, make sure you get checked over by a doctor as soon as possible.

If you have been hurt in a public transport incident, then contact one of our expert personal injury solicitors in Glasgow at Personal Injury Claims Scotland today on 03300 553 548. If you are unsure about making a personal injury claim, then visit to learn more about doing so.

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