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Personal Injury Solicitors In Edinburgh - Rejecting A Compensation Offer

Personal injury solicitors in Edinburgh are there to look after your best interests following an accident that has caused you suffering and financial loss. Most claims are settled out of the courts once liability is accepted and an offer is made. But, what happens if you reject the offer?

Once they have accepted liability for the accident and your resulting injuries, the other party's solicitors may present you with an offer of compensation. The personal injury solicitors Scotland based that you are working with will let you know if this happened and will inform you of the size of the offer. While it is up to you whether you accept or reject the offer, it is always best to be guided by the advice of your lawyer. If your solicitor suggests that you should reject the amount, then what happens next? At this point, personal injury claims Scotland wide can be referred for legal proceedings in court. However, it is more likely that the solicitors will, with your agreement, approach the other party with a counter compensation offer, along with an explanation of why their offer of compensation is unsuitable. There is, of course, no guarantee that this will be accepted, and offers can go to and fro between solicitors in Scotland for quite some time. However, if no agreement is reached, then the only way forward is to refer the matter to the courts. As well as adding to the costs, going to court is no guarantee of a higher claim amount. The judge has the final say and may set an amount that is lower than you expect.

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