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Personal Injury Solicitors Edinburgh - What To Expect In Your First Meeting

Personal injury solicitors Edinburgh wide are there to support you in making claims for compensation. However, this does not stop the first meeting with a solicitor from being a daunting prospect. Knowing what to expect can make the whole process less stressful and more successful.

Up until this point, your contact with personal injury solicitors Scotland based is likely to have taken place by phone or email. While some basic information about your accident will have been taken from you, this is your opportunity to provide more details to the solicitor. During the first meeting, the solicitor will decide whether they will work on your compensation claim, and for you to decide whether they are the right solicitor for you. Information exchange needs to go both ways during this meeting to increase the chances of personal injury claims Scotland wide being successful. After checking basic details, the first thing the solicitors are likely to do is ask you to recount exactly what happened leading up to, during, and immediately after the accident in Scotland. While they may make notes, they are unlikely to ask questions at this point. Once you have told your story, the solicitor will ask questions to clarify any points, fill in any gaps, and ensure they have all the details of the accident they need. They may ask to see any evidence you already have; such as photographs of the scene or of your injuries. If your solicitor decides to take on your claim, you will be asked to sign a number of documents allowing them to act on your behalf.

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