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Personal Injury Solicitor Edinburgh - Individuals That May Be Involved In Your Claim

Personal injury solicitor Edinburgh based; this is the person who you chose to fight the claim on your behalf. However, they are far from the only person who will be involved in the claims process. Knowing more about the other individuals involved can give you peace of mind during the procedure.

Personal injury solicitors Scotland wide will refer you to a medical practitioner in Scotland who has experience in dealing with your type of injuries. They will assess your injuries and report on their severity and the long-term prognosis to the solicitors. If you have suffered emotionally or psychologically from the accident, then experts in these areas may also be involved. If the other party's solicitors do not accept the report written by your solicitor's doctor, they may request that you see another medical professional in Scotland. Insurance companies are also often involved in the personal injury claims Scotland wide process. Where claims are as a result of road traffic accidents, then both your insurance and the other party's may be involved. Disagreements between insurers tend to be one of the main reasons that compensation claims take so long. Claims adjusters may be used by insurers to work out the amount that your compensation claim is worth. If the accident took place in the workplace, then the Scottish Health and Safety Executive may be involved, and may be called to assess the scene of the accident. In other cases, it may be reports from the police officer that attended the scene that is used to strengthen your claim.

At Personal Injury Claims Scotland, we will keep you informed at every step about timing and who is going to be involved in your case. When you choose a personal injury solicitor Edinburgh based from us, you know you are getting the best. To see why, visit or call the helpline on 03300 553 548.

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