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Personal Injury Solicitor Aberdeen - Taking The Next Steps

Personal injury solicitor Aberdeen based; once you have engaged the services of such solicitors, what can you expect to happen next? For solicitors to be able to proceed with claims, they need to be able to act on your behalf. They also need you to comply with all reasonable requests from them and the other party.

Before leaving your first session with the personal injury solicitors, you will sign a letter engaging the services of the solicitors to act in personal injury claims Scotland based on your behalf. You will also most likely be asked to sign a power of attorney. This document will give permission to the solicitors to access information that is relevant to the claim. This may include medical and insurance records. Personal injury solicitors Scotland wide will also request that all correspondence related to the compensation claim now goes through them, this includes with insurance companies and the other party's solicitors. In addition to documentation, there may be some appointments that the solicitor will arrange for you. One of the most likely is a medical examination to determine the extent of your injuries and the long term effect they are likely to have on your health and wellbeing. Once the solicitors have had time to go through the evidence that you provided at the first meeting, they may also request further information from you. This may include any other photographs you may have, details of witnesses, or copies of documents related to the accident. Remember the more you can provide the best chance your solicitor has of making a claim that they can win.

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