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Personal Injury Lawyers In Glasgow: Top Tips For Making Claims

Personal Injury Lawyers In Glasgow

A lot of stress and strain can be caused by making a personal injury claim. Not only can the process be hard to get your head around, it can be made even worse if you are still dealing with the physical, mental and emotional fallout caused by your injury. But don’t worry: we’re here to provide you with some top tips to follow when looking for personal injury lawyers in Glasgow.

Our first tip is to pay close attention to the statutory time limits for your claim. Generally, the time limit for making injury claims Scotland wide is three years. But when do those three years start? Well, in Scotland, this means that the pursuer must make a claim within three years of first becoming aware that an injury has been sustained or an illness has developed. So it is dependent on documentation showing when you were diagnosed or when your injuries were first treated. However, the time limit can vary depending on what type of injury claim that you are making. Because of this, it’s important to approach a personal injury lawyer Glasgow as soon as possible to begin the process. Another tip to keep in mind are your potential legal fees resulting from taking an action. There are many different personal injury lawyers in Glasgow offering different costs and payment methods. There’s no doubt about it: lawyers can come at a high price. However, there are many different options that you can pursue. We already referenced different payment methods, but you can see about getting legal aid if money is a big concern.

When it comes to picking the solicitor to represent you, make sure to pick the right one for you and your circumstances. You have to trust your injury lawyer Glasgow to represent you in the best possible light. Always consult and secure the services of a professional. You might feel tempted to try and represent yourself, but this could lead to you ending up with either less compensation or, even worse, no compensation at all. Our last tip relates to where your case will take place. This is particularly important if you are dealing with a disability or injury that limits your movement and ability to easily secure transport. For personal injury claims Scotland that are under £5,000, they will be dealt with at your local Sheriff court. For values that exceed £5,000, your case can also be heard at the Sheriff Personal Injury Court (SPIC) in Edinburgh. What makes these two courts different? Well, at SPIC, your case will be heard in front of a jury. This is a consideration that your injury claims solicitor will take into account as a jury may offer a greater, or lesser, chance of success based on your circumstances.

The main thing is to ensure that you pick the right personal injury lawyers Scotland to suit your circumstances. Always work with personal injury lawyers in Glasgow who specialise in injury claims and don’t be afraid to ask solicitors about their costs and accepted payment methods.