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Personal Injury Lawyers In Glasgow - When Is Loss Of Society Added To A Claim?

Personal injury lawyers in Glasgow need to take into account a range of factors when calculating the amount of compensation you can claim for. In some circumstances, one of these factors will be loss of society. Read on to find out more about this element of a claim in Scotland.

Losing a family member at any time is not easy. When that loss is as a result of negligence or an accident that wasn't their fault, it can be very difficult. In these cases, the family are able to claim compensation for the death of their loved one. Where there have been care needs and loss of income due to the accident, personal injury lawyers Scotland wide will claim for general damages, service compensation, and loss of earnings in the same way they would for any claim. However, on the death of the individual, a claim for loss of society can also be added. It is not applicable in every case, and generally only applies to the loss of a partner, parent or child. In the case of a partner or parent (or a grown child with responsibility for older or sick parents), loss of support may also be added to personal injury claims Scotland wide. This occurs when the person who has died as the result of an accident was the main financial provider. The amount of this part of the claim will depend on the earner's salary and the number of years of employment they had remaining at the time of the accident. There may also be other factors that are taken into consideration in each individual claim.

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