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Personal Injury Lawyer Scotland - Claiming For Hearing Loss

Personal injury lawyer Scotland based; such lawyers are on your side when it comes to claims for compensation for injuries sustained at work. If an incident in Scotland wasn't your fault, then you need to be recompensed for the loss and the effects it may have on you in the future.

Personal injury lawyers Scotland wide that are experienced in accidents at work are vital in such cases. One of the reasons for this is because the burden of proof falls on you. Your lawyers need to show that your hearing loss was a result of your working conditions or a specific accident. It is made more difficult if the other party is trying to show that it was something you did that lead to the incident. Where the loss is progressive and as a result of conditions, it is important that your lawyers can show that you made attempts to rectify the situation, or that someone else has done this on your behalf. This may include reporting missing or ineffective ear defenders, raising concerns with management, or reporting the situation to the Scottish Health and Safety Executive. If there was a specific accident that led to the problem, it will need to be recorded in the accident book, as would any previous near misses. You would also need to seek medical attention in order to improve your claim. One of the most important things you need to show during personal injury claims Scotland wide is that you used any safety equipment that was provided and followed any safety regulations that were in place.

If you have suffered hearing loss in the course of your job, then contact Personal Injury Claims Scotland. Our team are experts in personal injury law, and are there to get you the best compensation possible from a dedicated personal injury lawyer Scotland based. Learn more at or email your details to

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