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Can You Successfully Claim For Whiplash?


Personal Injury Lawyer Glasgow

There are a number of injuries and accidents where everyone can recognise the potential for personal injury claims Scotland wide being made. However, whiplash is certainly not the first injury that springs to the minds of many. Is whiplash severe enough a case for a personal injury lawyer Glasgow or Scotland wide to bother with?

The short answer is that whiplash is absolutely an injury that can be claimed for via a personal injury lawyer Glasgow or any Scottish legal firm. The long answer is a bit more nuanced. This is, in part, because whiplash is one of the most commonly claimed personal injuries in Scotland today. The problem that has faced people with whiplash is actually proving that they are suffering from the effects of it. Many people have jumped on the bandwagon of claiming ‘whiplash’ for any minor road or traffic accident which has led to unsuccessful claims. This obviously makes it harder for people to make accident claims Scotland wide who are genuinely suffering from the effects (such as whiplash) of a car crash or bump. All of this has served to make whiplash one of the most common personal injury claims not just in Scotland, but across the whole of the UK. It’s also noteworthy that there’s no set amount of compensation when it comes to whiplash. This is because there are a number of factors that can affect a whiplash claim and this can, in turn, change how much compensation can be due for a successful claim.

The criteria for this can include the amount of pain that is being suffered by the victim. The more pain that is being felt by the victim equals a greater chance of the victim receiving a higher compensation figure. However, this is also something seized upon by those who are looking to squeeze every penny and can lead to the perception of whiplash victims lying about their pain levels. The length of time whereby the pain has sustained is also relevant; as is the projected time that this pain is likely to continue. Another factor is how whiplash has affected the victim’s everyday life, work, chores and pursuit of hobbies. Can they live as they did before the accident or not? Lastly, a loss of income as a result of whiplash can also factor into the amount claimed by injury lawyers Scotland. It’s important to recover as much evidence of the whiplash affecting your life as you can. This can also include obtaining any medical evidence that may affect your claim. Ultimately, minor whiplash claims can provide compensation of a few thousand pounds, whereas compensation from serious or life-changing whiplash can even go into five figures.

A good personal injury lawyer Glasgow way can help you with this process in order to claim back any losses as a result of the injury, as well as help you avoid the loss of your policy excess. So don’t wait around, make your injury claims Scotland today to maximise your chance of success.