Believe it or not but Scotland’s first ever Parliament was held in Ayr by Robert the Bruce. Scotland may, or may not, become an Independent country by the time you read this but, no matter which way it goes, we are still proud to a be a local Scottish company dedicated to helping people with the personal injury claims in Ayr and the surrounding area.

Ayr was once famous for shipbuilding and, indeed, it still has a commercial port to this day. It also remains  a popular destination for holiday makers and day trippers which help to make it a beautiful, vibrant community.


Unfortunately Ayr, like any other town sees its fair share of road traffic accidents, work related injuries and even public liability cases but, if any of these happen to you then you can rest easy in the knowledge that you can get help from one of Scotland’s most experienced personal injury claims advisers.


If you believe that you have a valid claim then please get in touch with us and speak to a local representative. They will  help you to assess your prospects in a no-nonsense, friendly manner and then, if we think that you have a good case we will get to work on a no win no fee basis – so that you get the maximum amount of compensation due to you.


If you live in Ayr or the surrounding area and believe that you have a valid compensation claim then we want to hear from you today so, please contact us on 03300553548