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Injury Solicitors Scotland - 3 Things To Consider Before Engaging A Solicitor

Injury solicitors Scotland wide work to get you the compensation you deserve following an accident that wasn't your fault. Getting the right experienced solicitors to work on your claim is essential. But, there is more to consider than just experience when making a personal injury claim.

The first consideration is; how will the claim be paid for? Win or lose, your solicitor needs to be paid. If the claim goes to court, then there are also court fees to consider. Most personal injury claims Scotland wide are taken by solicitors on a no win, no fee basis. If you lose, insurance covers your costs. If you win, then your solicitor's fees come from either the compensation you are awarded, or are claimed for in addition to this amount. The second consideration again relates to money. Be aware of clauses in agreements that talk about claiming out of pocket expenses. These are the additional expenses accrued by personal injury solicitors Scotland based during the course of the claim. This can include anything from phone calls to the treatment they arrange for you. They are allowed to do this, but you should keep track of these expenses, as the courts will only allow expenses that they deem reasonable, and this is only on the condition that your claim is successful. The third consideration is whether you are looking at settling or going to court. Now, of course, this is sometimes not the decision of your solicitor. The other party may push for a court hearing. But, you need to be aware of the direction your solicitor is considering.

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