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Injury Lawyer Scotland - Calculating Your Compensation

Injury lawyer Scotland wide; such lawyers will be able to give you an indication early on of how much your claim might be worth. While all claims for compensation are dealt with individually, there are some injuries and expenses that lawyers can give estimated figures on.

The more information you are able to give personal injury lawyers Scotland wide, the more precise an estimate they can give you of how much your claim is worth. It should be remembered that it is only an estimate, at least until all the evidence is collected and the insurance professionals have had their say. The first part of all claims is made up of general damages. These are specific to the type of injury you have suffered. In Scotland, these are referred to as Solatium, and there is a price guide attached to each type of injury. For example, a minor head injury would be in the region of 3000 to 6000, whereas a major head injury that included some damage to the brain would be listed in the region of 20000. Psychological injury, upper body injuries, and back injury are also listed separately, as well as other body areas. The next part of your claim amount relates to loss of earnings. This is worked out based on the time you have already needed to be off work and any further recovery time that is expected. Out of pocket expenses also make up part of personal injury claims Scotland wide, so too is services compensation. This is included when your injuries require you to seek additional care given in the home.

At Personal Injury Claims Scotland, each injury lawyer Scotland wide takes each of these areas into consideration when putting together the claim amount. We have over 26 years' experience of working with personal injury claims, and with a 96 per cent success rate you are sure to get the outcome you deserve with us. See more at

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