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Injury Compensation Glasgow - What Can Affect The Amount Of Time Your Claim Takes?

Injury compensation Glasgow wide varies in both amount and the length of time that individual cases take. There are a number of factors that can affect the timescale of your compensation claim. Here are some of the major factors that you need to be aware of when making a claim for a personal injury.

One of the major factors that affect personal injury claims Scotland wide is the claim being disputed. If the other party does not accept liability, or disagree with the amount of compensation you are claiming, then this will increase the length of time your claim takes. Your claim is not just dealt with by your solicitors. The other party's solicitors and insurance companies are also involved. Insurance companies especially do not always work very fast, and you may find yourself waiting on them to provide information or respond to requests. Another set of specialists that are often involved is medical experts. Again, you may find yourself waiting for their reports, or for an appointment to see them. This is usually due to the sheer number of medical requests that these experts get. Finally, there are the courts as well. If your solicitor and those of the other party cannot come to an agreement, then you may need to await a court date, and this takes time. Court dates for injury claims Scotland wide can be put back for numerous reasons, depending on how busy the system is at any one time. It is often better to be patient and allow your solicitors the time and space they need to get you the best possible settlement, rather than trying to settle quickly.

At Personal Injury Claims Scotland, we will try to move your injury compensation Glasgow based case along as quickly as possible, without compromising on the quality of service we provide. See more at or talk to one of our experienced compensation specialists on our helpline at 03300 553 548.

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