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What Are The Different Types of Personal Injury Compensation Claims?

Injury Compensation Edinburgh

Injury Compensation Edinburgh

For those looking up information regarding any personal injury claims Scotland wide, you are likely to be met with an overwhelming amount of information from a variety of sources. Some of this advice can be confusing, out-of-date and are completely incompatible with Scots Law. In this blog post, we’ll go through the common types of personal injury compensation Edinburgh claims that can be made in Scotland.

Many people in Scotland – whether it’s due to a combination of bad advice, ignorance or guilt – still fail to make legitimate and genuine compensation claims after having received an injury. However, there are many types of accidents that can bring about successful compensation claims. One such type of claim relates to injuries resulting from accidents at construction sites. Workers can feel a sense of loyalty to a company even after an injury has come about as a result of poor health and safety standards. This can result in claims not being made. It is important to realise that the law is on your side if your safety has been put at risk by poor work practices, so you should not fear reprisal from employers should you choose to make such a claim. Another claim that can often go neglected is when someone suffers an injury whilst travelling on public transport. In a lot of cases, transport companies are keen to offer compensation after any accidents to ensure that they are meeting their legal requirements under the law – so there is a high chance of success when it comes to public transport accident claims in Scotland.

Any trips or slips that happen could result in injury compensation Scotland claims being made against councils or employers. Councils in Scotland have a responsibility to keep public paths safe (you are, after all, paying council tax for the privilege). So if you are injured due to public paths being unsafe, you can enquire with an injury compensation Edinburgh, Glasgow or Scotland based firm to make representations. Less surprisingly, any trips, falls or slips in the workplace deemed to have come about as a result of unsafe working conditions can also lead to claims. Back injuries as a result of poor workplace practices can also result in a good chance of compensation success. Whilst many companies try to push the emphasis on employees to look after their own safety, many instances of back strain in warehouses or industrial settings can come from employees being required to, literally, break their backs to meet quotas. This can make employers liable for such compensation claims from workers. Medical negligence is also another common type of compensation case. This can be caused by a doctor or healthcare professional either giving poor advice, misdiagnosing serious illnesses as something lesser or providing inadequate levels of treatment. Lastly, personal injury claims can be made if you have suffered an accident whilst on holiday – irrespective of whether it was in the UK or elsewhere.

This is just a small snippet of the types of accident claims Scotland wide that can result in compensation for the injured party. The main thing to make sure of when making such a claim is to find a reputable injury compensation Edinburgh, Glasgow or Scottish firm with a reputation for achieving a high success rate with such claims.