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Injury Compensation Edinburgh - Understanding The Importance Of Evidence

Injury compensation Edinburgh wide; when it comes to personal injury claims, it is up to you and your team of lawyers to provide evidence to support and prove your claim that the other party was liable for the accident. You must also provide evidence of the extent of your injuries. Here are some of the ways you can achieve both in Scotland.

When filing personal injury claims Scotland wide, it is up to you as the injured party to prove the compensation case you are trying to win. Your solicitors will deal with the legal arguments, but it is up to you to provide evidence. Your solicitors will support you in this, but there are a number of things you can do from the very beginning to strengthen your claim for compensation. Before you even start with injury claims Scotland wide, you should ensure that you have photographic evidence of the scene of the accident and of your initial injuries where they are visible. The names, addresses, and contact numbers of witnesses, and any photographs or videos they have are also very useful. If the police attended the scene, then the name and number of the attending officer should be noted, and a copy of their initial report should be requested. As the compensation case progresses, you should keep a record of any expenses that you pay out as a result of the accident, and provide your solicitor with a diary of events. This could cover your recovery progress, difficulties faced following the accident, and appointments you attend. Any medical or therapy reports should also be available to your Scottish solicitors, as these will provide extra weight to the compensation amount you are claiming.

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