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Injury Claims Aberdeen - Keeping An Events Diary

Injury claims Aberdeen based can be supported by the evidence gathered from a diary of events. Such a document helps to highlight the difficulties you and your family have faced since your injuries. But, what information should you place in the diary to help your solicitors with your claim?

An events diary should be started straight after the accident occurred. If you are left unable to write due to your injuries, then dictate to another person or keep a video or audio record. In terms of what it should include, the answer is anything that is pertinent to personal injury claims Scotland wide. You should start with the events leading up to and surrounding the accident itself. Times, dates, weather conditions, and the people present should all be noted. If you had previously voiced concern over the conditions that lead to the incident, then these details should be included. Events that happened immediately after the accident should also be recorded for personal injury claims Scotland wide to be effective. This could include anyone who helped you, conversations with people passing by, initial medical treatment, and the pain and injuries that were obvious directly after the incident. This information should then be followed by details of appointments, expenses, and assistance you have required since the accident. This includes making hospital visits for injuries and any time your partner took off work to look after you. You should be as specific as possible to help your team of expert solicitors make the compensation claim.

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