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Injury Claim Glasgow - When Do The Courts Get Involved?

Injury claim Glasgow based; many people are put off by the idea of making claims after accidents because of the thought of having to go to court. However, court proceedings in these cases rarely happen, and even if they do, you are fully supported by your legal team throughout the whole process.

There is no such thing as a standard personal injury claim in Scotland, so it is impossible at the outset for your accident solicitor to guarantee that you will not need to go to court. However, they can tell you how likely it is based on several different aspects of your personal injury claim. The more complex personal injury claims Scotland wide are, the more likely they are to at least approach the court process. Where the cause of the accident is clear and so too is where the responsibility lays, then court is extremely unlikely. This is because the other party have nothing to gain from appearing in court, and they are even likely to end up with more fees and a greater amount of compensation to pay out. Even when there is some disagreement over who was at fault, or the extent of your injuries and their effect on your life, most solicitors prefer to be able to work out the details outside of court. One way forward with injury claims Scotland wide, that the other party may suggest, is a split liability agreement. This means that responsibility for the accident is shared, court is avoided, and the other party pays a smaller amount of compensation, determined by the percentage of responsibility that is agreed to.

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