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What Is A Public Liability Claim?

By October 2, 2013General
What Is A Public Liability Claim?

What Is A Public Liability Claim?Basically, a public liability claim can be made when you suffer a personal injury or have an accident on public property, which was not your fault.

The person / people that are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the area should really have taken out a public liability insurance policy; this would cover them in case any negligence of the property caused a member of the public to hurt themselves.

Any claim you made would then be against that insurance policy.

If your accident occurs during working hours on your employers, then you could file an insurance claim against them, depending on the circumstances.

Some of the most common public liability claims are:

– Injuries caused by dangerous pavements, untreated ice or snow, potholes or stairs / steps that need repair.

– Slips and trips inside shops, supermarkets and restaurants.

– Injury caused by an object falling from a height.

– Injury caused by sharp objects.

– Industrial diseases (white finger, hand and arm vibration, asbestos, industrial deafness, etc.)

– Broken down fences or other obstructions to the roads or pavements including unlit skips located on the road at night, litter and rubbish bags creating a tripping hazard in walking areas or badly parked vehicles on the roadway which may partially obstruct the pavement.

As well as the examples above, there are other cases where you could make a claim.  If you happen to be involved in one of these then the next step would be to prove that the accident was someone else’s fault – the owner of the property.

To help with proof of the incident you should let the owner or a member of staff know what has happened and get them to record it in an appropriate manner.  Getting names and contact details of any witnesses and photographs of the area are a must.

If you are intending to claim expenses as part of your public liability compensation claim such as prescription costs and travelling expenses, you will need to keep receipts as evidence.

So whether you’ve injured yourself after tripping on uneven paving or because of faulty products or you’ve developed a sports-related injury, there’s every possibility that you’re entitled to compensation.

Helping you to get the money you need, what also falls under this umbrella term is specialist medical negligence and industrial injuries, aspects that many people don’t first realise can result in a personal injury claim.

Having helped numerous clients with their personal injury claims UK, we’re certain that if you have a valid personal injury claim, we’ll be able to get you the money you’re entitled to.