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Had An Accident And Not Claimed? If So, Why Not?

By June 26, 2013General
Had An Accident And Not Claimed? If So, Why Not?

Had An Accident And Not Claimed? If So, Why Not?The unfortunate truth is, we’re all likely to be involved in an accident at some point in our lives. It might not be a major one, nor one that could be prevented, but the law of averages dictates we’ll have to endure an accident throughout our lifetime.

When an accident happens, assuming it was through no fault of our own, generally speaking there’ll be the possibility of a compensation claim. It doesn’t matter how big or small of an accident it was, if someone’s to blame, you could very well be entitled to compensation.

And generally speaking, most people are aware of this. Compensation claims have been a big thing over the last few years in particular and as a result, knowledge of them has increased substantially.

But although this is the case – and whilst plenty of people take the time to work with a solicitor to get the compensation they’re owed – there are many more people who are involved in an accident, yet don’t make steps towards a compensation claim.

If you’re one such person, why? When you were involved in an accident, even though you knew for a fact there was someone to blame, what stopped you from getting in touch with a solicitor and pursuing the compensation claim?

We understand that for some, they believe it’s too time-consuming of a process. They lead a busy work life, have a family they spend a lot of time with and simply can’t afford to dedicate what they believe will be several hours every week to the claim.

But the reality is, choose the right solicitor and your involvement could be minimal. You’ll of course have to spend some time with them, so to tell them about the accident and the specifics, but it really doesn’t have to be considerable – the solicitor should do all of the hard work for you.

Similarly, some people believe it’s too costly. Many of us have heard tales of people paying ‘application’ or ‘administration’ fees of several hundred pounds and not receiving any type of compensation, but this really doesn’t have to be the case.

The right solicitor should work on a no win, no fee basis, where they don’t charge a penny unless you win – and if you do win, you can still keep 100% of the compensation, as they’ll recoup their costs from the other party.

At Personal Injury Claims Scotland, we strongly believe everyone who’s been involved in an accident that wasn’t their fault should get the compensation they deserve.

A process that can be considerably quicker and easier than you may think, it might take a little of your time, but it won’t cost you anything and may ensure you receive a sum of money that is likely to be particularly welcomed.