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Drivers In Manchester Beware – You’re Most Likely To Be In A Crash

By April 5, 2013General
Drivers In Manchester Beware – You’re Most Likely To Be In A Crash

Drivers In Manchester Beware – You’re Most Likely To Be In A CrashEven if you’ve been lucky enough to have avoided being involved in a vehicle crash up until now, there’s a good chance you’ll know a little about road traffic accident compensation claims because the press have highlighted a number of high-profile cases.

You don’t want to drive around safely all of the time thinking that it’s just a case of waiting for your bad luck to be involved in a crash, but depending upon where you drive, the chances of being involved in an accident are higher in some parts of the UK, even when compared to the US.

Be careful where you drive

It’s only right that if you are injured while being involved in any sort of car or vehicle accident, that you are allowed to claim against the other party.

You might lose money because you are unable to work. Not everyone is able to return to work in a few weeks after a car accident; some people may be seriously injured and unable to return to their previous employment at all.

While the government has issued figures that claim that the total number of accidents has fallen year-on-year, more people are talking to their personal injury claims specialists to seek compensation against those who have caused injury as part of an accident.

If you were to guess where most vehicle accidents were happening, you would probably list the centre of London – anywhere around the M25 – and the motorways through Glasgow during rush hour as the worst places to drive, but you’d be wrong.

The north-west of England has more accidents – and therefore more claims – than any other part of the UK. Liverpool and Manchester currently top the list of the areas with the most traffic accidents compared to the number of vehicles and people living there.

By avoiding driving in such cities (including Birmingham, which is ranked third), it can therefore give you a greater opportunity of staying on the road and keeping your vehicle away from an accident.

Not all accidents involve bodily injury

All types of accidents are listed by the government in sets of figures to show what is or what isn’t happening in the world of statistics.

Quite obviously, not every vehicle accident results in someone getting hurt, but when these three areas of the UK have overtaken the much more congested areas of the United States, when comparing the proportion of accidents that involve some sort of bodily injury, the statistics become quite worrying.

Fortunately, for those living in Scotland, there has been a remarkable reduction in the number of people being injured following vehicle accidents, unlike in the other cities mentioned above.
For instance, 52% of people involved in a car accident around Liverpool have required a personal injury claim.

In Manchester, the figure is slightly lower at 46% and in Birmingham, just fewer than 40% of people who are involved in a vehicle accident follow an insurance and legal procedure to seek compensation.

It’s good to see that with personal injury claims Scotland offers a better opportunity for people to walk out of a car accident completely unscathed, but if a claim does need to be made, we have experts who are ready to help discuss your situation.