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Can You Really Claim For Whiplash?

By July 8, 2013General
Can You Really Claim For Whiplash?

Can You Really Claim For Whiplash?You hear so many different stories about whether you can claim or not for whiplash personal injuries after a road traffic accident, but which of the stories are true and which are just myths?

When you’ve been involved in a road traffic accident, when you are driving or not, the impact of hitting another car can cause your head to move backwards and forwards quite rapidly. It is this potential injury that is called whiplash.

Who was at fault?

Where someone else was at fault for the accident, you should take immediate action to speak to a personal injury lawyer in Scotland because they will be able to confirm whether you will be able to make a compensation claim or not.

Somebody or something is always at fault for an accident. It might be the driver of your vehicle, the driver of another vehicle or somebody else who avoided their duty of care.

That may include a pedestrian who has caused a car to veer off its safe path and cause an accident or perhaps local authority that has failed to make the roads safe for driving.

An unfortunate majority of accidents involve one car hitting another from behind, which leads the passengers and driver of the front car being shunted forward completely unexpectedly.

The people in the front car will be the innocent party and you can easily be have proved (usually) that the accident was no fault of the people in the first car that was hit from behind.

The accident caused the whiplash injury

The symptoms of whiplash injury did not always show themselves immediately after the event. A sore and stiff neck may only appear a day or more after the accident. The injured party may develop headaches or their mobility in the neck and shoulders may become particularly limited.

As soon as you suspect you have an injury in this area, you should seek medical attention. Only after you have received sufficient medical care should you find out about road traffic accident compensation claims.

Because the injury was caused as a result of someone else’s carelessness, you will be the innocent victim of an injury that is caused whiplash and you will be entitled to pursue a claim for compensation.

The lawyer you speak to should be an expert in whiplash injuries so they can guide you convincingly and help you gain the compensation that you require.

The injury might cause you to take time away from work and sometimes the effects can last months if not longer.

If it isn’t clear whether you can make a claim or not, your lawyer will be able to ask the right questions to find out who is to blame for the accident in law, because people will not want to admit liability and say was their fault.

The lawyer will know if your application will be refused, but equally, they will understand your circumstances and although it is difficult to see a whiplash injury, they may be subsequent injuries as a result of the accident.

You have nothing to lose by asking a personal injury specialist questions about your circumstances and you will quickly find out if they are able to make a claim on your behalf or not.