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An Introduction To Claiming Compensation When Your Child Is Injured

By March 22, 2013General
An Introduction To Claiming Compensation When Your Child Is Injured

An Introduction To Claiming Compensation When Your Child Is InjuredWhen a person is injured through no fault of their own, seeking medical advice or urgent hospital assistance is so often required. And generally speaking, it’s easy to know what needs to happen.

But, when the person injured is a young child and they aren’t fully able to explain what’s wrong with them, it can be difficult to know what to do. This can so easily extend to any compensation claims, too.

As a company experienced in personal injury claims Aberdeen, however, we know exactly what steps to take to get you the compensation you deserve for your child.

Claiming on behalf of another person

In today’s politically correct world, you hear many horror stories where a husband can’t deal with a wife’s bank account when she’s ill, because she doesn’t have a power of attorney in place naming her husband to take over her account.

Fortunately, the rules governing children are different.
And after you have spoken to us, you will quickly understand that you can make a claim on behalf of your children yourself, providing they are under the age of 18 when the injury occurred.

Anyone’s own logic will tell you that they wouldn’t be able to make a claim themselves, as this age is the cut-off point where minors become adults and are mature enough to apply for their own credit cards and can vote in elections – and the companies setting the rules for personal injury claims completely understand this.

Children are naturally inquisitive

Parents teach their children to be naturally inquisitive and to explore the world to find out as much as they can, while keeping a careful hand on safety and security.

As anyone in our industry will tell you, defective toys and playing equipment are often the main causes for any children’s claims.

But children can be just as easily hurt or injured in various other scenarios and a fear for most parents is to do with road accidents – despite all of the training you instil in your children, they can easily be distracted where dangerous traffic passes by.

After an accident or injury to your child, a doctor will create a medical report for you. This will be used by your lawyer who is going to action your claim and is essential – when you’re making a claim, you’ll be need to have all of the information surrounding the event carefully recorded, including specific information describing the events, the treatment and how much your child improved later.

It doesn’t have to cost a penny

The good news is, the no win no fee Scotland rules will help a naturally worried parent or guardian.

Understanding the service is completely free and that you will receive the full 100% of your compensation (as your lawyer will claim their fees from the other party) is a great help.

Having been through the process of seeing your child injured, entering into an unknown world of lawyers and claims can easily make you feel confused and out of your depth.

Meaning you can enter into the process knowing you won’t have to take out a loan to cover the application process and you’ll have someone to turn to for assistance and local advice at all times, it’s this confidence that can so easily help you through the difficult time.

At Personal Injury Claims Scotland, this is exactly the service we offer to each and every one of our clients and if you’d like more information on personal injury claims for children, please feel free to contact us.