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A Short Guide To Accident Compensation In Scotland


Accident Compensation Scotland

Most people who are thinking of making a personal injury claim have likely never done so before and are also likely to have very little to no experience of the legal system in Scotland. All of us feel worried and concerned when we take a step into the unknown, so it’s no surprise that many feel overwhelmed by the accident compensation Scotland process. We’ve decided to put together a short guide on accident claims Scotland wide to help.

First of all, let’s define personal injury claims Scotland wide. These can come around from a person receiving an injury at work, in a traffic accident, as a result of faulty products or unsafe services, via an unsafe pavement, from a crime or even due to a healthcare establishment error. It’s also important to note that injury is not just physical, but psychological too. It’s also important to note here that any accident at work should be recorded in an accident book. Ensuring that this has been done could very much affect the success of a legal claim. Gathering any evidence about your accident that you can, or being aware of where evidence can be collected from, is an important first step when it comes to making an accident claim Scotland. If the injury resulted from a road accident, make sure to inform your insurance company as your insurance may be invalidated if this isn’t reported. Lastly, always go to a doctor. Your doctor could play a vital role in giving evidence at a court case and having a contemporary medical report – from the time of injury – can affect the success of a claim.

When it comes to claiming for accident compensation Scotland, there are four ways in which you can do this. You can either use a claims assessor (who will often work for you on a no win, no fee basis) or go directly to the courts (which will require an expensive lawyer and/or solicitor). Additionally, you can claim through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (for criminal injuries sustained whilst in aid of the police) or through a criminal compensation order (for injuries through criminal acts). It is the former two that are likely to be most relevant. Given that people who suffer from injuries can be left unable to work, the prospect of hiring an expensive legal team and paying fees seems impossible – especially if you don’t win and are left massively out of pocket. So a lot of people turn to lawyers who work on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis. However, this can lead to certain firms taking as much as 25-50% of your compensation win. Thankfully, there are firms out there who don’t take a fee and won’t touch your compensation. Instead, they will take their fee from the other party – usually an insurance firm – ensuring that you keep your full compensation. For most people in Scotland, this is the best scenario when making a claim.

So make sure to find an accident compensation Scotland lawyer that won’t take fees, won’t touch your compensation and won’t seek payment if you lose your claim. It’s very possible to find great firms out there doing this who also have near 100% success rates.