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Can You Claim For A Sports-Related Injury?

Accident Claims In Scotland

Accident Claims In Scotland

When we think of accident claims in Scotland, we tend to think about a road traffic accident or a slip at work rather than someone being injured whilst competing in a sport. However, it is possible for personal injury claims Scotland wide to be made that relate to sporting injuries.

You needn’t be a professional sportsperson either. Novices, amateurs, and professionals have all made successful claims when they have been injured through no fault of their own. There can be a number of reasons why you may make such a claim. Some examples include if you were subject to a dangerous tackle from another competitor that caused injury, if an injury resulted from defective equipment (e.g. rental equipment), or if the ground conditions were dangerous. While these may all be accidental in some way, they also feature a degree of negligence on either the part of an individual, an employee, or a company. So personal injury solicitors in Scotland can help guide you through this process to secure you with the compensation that you deserve. But like many accident claims in Scotland, a lot does depend on being able to secure witness evidence. While the likes of car crashes can involve the police, and accidents at work can involve the likes of CCTV footage being consulted, accidents during sporting matches often don’t have the same level of external evidence to back up claims. If it’s a professional event, camera footage can be consulted and professional physiotherapists who were present can be called to give evidence. But if it’s a low-key event, or not an event at all, a lot depends on witnesses.

First off, if you’ve been on the end of such an accidental sporting injury, contact good injury claims Scotland based lawyers right away to help you make a claim. Not all victims of sporting injuries will receive compensation, but it is important to do everything in your power to secure a victory. Make sure to create a record of everyone who witnessed the injury or accident. They could be teammates, friends, spectators, or even referees. A good injury lawyer will get straight on the case to help secure statements from witnesses. If your injury was due to an unsafe environment in a sporting area, make sure to take photos of the offending obstacle. This could be broken glass or a fixture jutting out of the ground. A good lawyer will initially consult with you free of charge, but a great lawyer will not hit you with any fees or deductions. There are many lawyers out there that will represent a client for free in personal injury claims – especially in sporting claims. However, if you win, they will take up to 25% of the compensation reward as part of a ‘no win, no fee’ arrangement.

Despite how difficult it can be to claim for sporting-related injuries, accident claims in Scotland for sporting-related incidents can still result in successful compensation claims. This can also be done without the victim having to part with any money to their personal injury lawyers.