Accident Claims In Scotland

Accident Claims In Scotland - Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Make A Claim

Accident claims in Scotland are made for a number of different reasons. Some are related to workplace accidents, other compensation claims come after falls or road traffic accidents in Scotland. If you are wondering whether you have a personal injury claim, ask yourself the following questions.

The first question you need to consider is whether the accident was your fault. Crossing a road without looking when the lights are against you is a good example of an accident you most likely shouldn't be claiming for. However, crossing at a green man, looking both ways and being hit by a speeding driver is the perfect example of an accident where the other party is at fault. It is also one of many accidents your solicitor is likely to say you have a good personal injury claim for. The next question is, were you hurt? Personal injury claims Scotland wide can be pursued by solicitors for physical pain, emotional suffering, and psychological damage. Injuries do not have to be severe for solicitors to make claims. The next question to consider in terms of injury claims Scotland based, is, have you lost out financially because of your injuries? Any financial losses from time off work to needing to hire a replacement bike count, as well as the additional medical cost you may be faced with. The final question is; do you have evidence of all of this? The burden of proof is on you and your expert personal injury solicitors. You are highly unlikely to win a claim without any evidence.

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