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Accident Claims Aberdeen - What Is A Personal Injury?

Accident claims Aberdeen based are made after a personal injury has been suffered as a result of an accident. However, there is much more to personal injuries law than just slips and falls. Read on to learn more about what is covered by the term personal injury, and see whether you have a claim to make.

Personal injury law covers a wide range of incidents and accidents, from the obvious slips on wet floors where no warning was present to less obvious, including road traffic accidents. The one thing they all have in common is that you have been hurt, physically, emotionally or mentally, due to the actions of another person that resulted in an accident. This includes workplace injuries and illnesses that could have been avoided if the proper precautions were taken in your workplace. Work-related personal injury claims Scotland wide range from injury from the use of machinery, to hearing loss, to vibration white finger, to, of course, asbestos-related illnesses. Outside of work, accident claims Scotland wide are filed against councils, supermarkets, businesses, and other institutions and individuals. One of the most common times that a claim is made against an individual is following a road traffic accident. Here the most well-known are whiplash claims. However, you do not need to have been in a vehicle to bring a personal injury compensation claim; pedestrians injured because of the actions of another can also claim for their injuries. What is important in all these examples is that you, as the person bringing the claim, must have done your utmost to have avoided the accident and the subsequent injury.

If you followed the rules, used the right equipment, or looked before you crossed and still suffered an injury, then talk to us at Personal Injury Claims Scotland. We give a fair assessment of all accident claims Aberdeen wide on 03300 553 548. Visit to find out more about making a compensation claim.

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