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Accident Claim Glasgow - Understanding Claim Time Limits

Accident claim Glasgow based; yours will need to be started within a set timeframe for you to be able to pursue legal redress through compensation. While the general time limit for personal injury and accident claims is three years, there are exceptions.

When you suffer personal injury from an accident in Glasgow, Edinburgh, or another place in Scotland, there is a limit to the time you have to make a claim for accident compensation. Known as the limitation period, this is generally three years from the date of the accident. However, there are times when this national rule does not apply. Where personal injury claims Scotland wide are being bought by an individual who was under 18 at the time of the accident, or has a mental health disability, the court can waive the initial three-year limit. This also applies to those who suffer from illnesses, as a result of a workplace incident, which take a long time for the symptoms to show. In these cases, the three years can begin from when symptoms first appear. One specific set of accidents that are exempt from the limitation period is asbestos related diseases. Here lawyers acting on behalf of accident claims Scotland wide have three years from the date of which the person first knew about their condition - usually the date of official diagnosis. One other time when the Scottish limitation period doesn't apply to accident compensation claims is when the individual pursuing the case dies before it is completed. Here the family may continue and the three years starts again from the date of death.

At Personal Injury Claims Scotland, we always advise people wanting to make an accident claim Glasgow based, or Scotland wide, to make the claim as soon as possible. However, we realise that this isn't always possible, and our team of experts is available on our helpline 03300 553 548 to offer advice. Alternatively, visit for more information.

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