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Accident Claim Edinburgh - Funding Your Compensation Claim

Accident claim Edinburgh based solicitors do not work for free. This means that at some point, whether or not your claims are successful, your lawyers need to have their expenses met. Understanding the different ways in which this can happen can help you choose the right solicitors for your personal injury claim.

Most personal injury and accident compensation claims in Edinburgh and Glasgow work on a no win, no fee basis. This means that you do not need to pay legal fees in the event that you lose your claim. This is possible due to insurance the company takes out on your behalf. However, this could still leave you with a bill for the other party's costs and court fees. Again, most accident claims Scotland based solicitors will ensure that the insurance that is taken out also covers these costs. It is important to check that your lawyers take this approach before engaging them for personal injury claims Scotland wide. Should your accident claim be victorious, then your solicitor will not be paid for by the insurance; their fees will need to be covered in one of two ways. Either they will come from your final settlement amount, or they will be paid for separately by the other party. Again, it is important to know how your solicitors work before starting your accident claim. Fees and costs can run into thousands, and if deducted from your accident compensation, could leave you with very little to cover your loss of earnings, as well as your pain and suffering.

At Personal Injury Claims Scotland, we do not take a penny from the compensation that you are awarded. We work to ensure that you keep everything you are entitled to. Our insurance covers all fees if your accident claim Edinburgh based is unsuccessful. To find out more about claims in Scotland, visit today.

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