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Accident At Work Claim Scotland: Can I Still Claim If The Accident Wasn’t Recorded?

Can You Claim Against Your Employer For A Work Related Injury?

Accident At Work Claim Scotland

There can be a number of reasons behind why accidents aren’t recorded in an accident book at a workplace. This can range from managers not wanting to report accidents, forgetfulness due to being distracted by the accident or workers not wanting to initially cause a scene for their employers. So can an accident at work claim Scotland be put forward without such a record?

The short answer – yes. But the long answer is that it is far better if the accident has been logged. Don’t worry, we’re here to talk you through it all. First of all, let’s define what we mean by an accident record book. UK health and safety law requires that an accident log of some kind be kept in the event of dealing with any accident claims Scotland wide. The key in any accident claim Scotland wide is that it is established when an accident happened. A log can provide these crucial details to help build a claim and will include the likes of the date and time of the incident, as well as where it happened and who had the accident. It will also include details on treatment and briefly cover the major points of the event. If you have had an accident at work within Scotland, you should have been shown the accident book (if possible) to confirm that is correct. For those more concerned about the time that has elapsed since the accident, keep in mind that such records need to be kept for at least three years after the incident. Even if the accident wasn’t recorded in a log, you can still make a request to the company to see if the accident was recorded. This request alone can constitute evidence.

It should also be noted that any compensation offered as a result of an accident at work claim Scotland will not be affected by whether or not an accident log has been kept. If it has been established that there isn’t a log, unfortunately it can weaken the victim’s case. Thankfully, the courts permit other evidence outside of log books that can help fill in the gaps. Solicitors working towards accident compensation Scotland wide can work with you to build a case using other sources of evidence. This can include any available CCTV footage close to the scene of the accident, photographs of the injuries and the hazards that caused the injuries, and medical reports (e.g. ambulance reports and logs detailing where the incident happened). Additionally, witnesses who were present such as passer-bys, customers and other workers can provide eyewitness accounts. So don’t worry if an accident hasn’t being recorded: injury claims Scotland wide can still be made without one. The main thing to make sure of is that you have a solicitor on-board with the passion, dedication and desire to ensure that any additional evidence to support your claims can be expertly gathered.

Just remember: an accident at work claim Scotland is not dictated by whether or not an accident log book has been taken. So if you are worried about going through the claims process and not winning – don’t be. Good personal injury lawyers Scotland can help you to build a case and get the compensation that you, as a victim, rightly deserve.