Accident At Work Claim Scotland

Accident At Work Claim Scotland - Who Is Responsible?

Accident at work claim Scotland wide using dedicated accident solicitors may be the only way forward after an injury that wasn't your fault. Both you and your employer have responsibilities when it comes to health and safety in Scotland. This is important when assessing your accident compensation claim in Scotland.

Accidents in the workplace do happen, but health and safety legislation is in place to minimise the number and severity of these accidents. This helps keep employees in Scotland safe, and minimises the cost of accidents for employers across Scotland. One of an employer's responsibilities is to hold adequate insurance to cover staff and visitors to places of work. Should they ever be found liable for a personal injury compensation claim due to a workplace accident, their costs and the compensation is paid for by this insurance. The employer is also responsible for training staff to use equipment correctly, providing all necessary safety equipment needed to carry out jobs in the workplace, and adequate signage. So, if there is a sign that says not to use a fryer in a certain way and you ignore it, then your solicitor will conclude that you are highly unlikely to win a claim. However, personal injury claims Scotland by employees suffering burns because the temperature gauge on the fryer was broken, and this was reported but ignored by your employer, then your claim is highly likely to be successful. Taking notice of signs, and reporting breakages and near misses, are all examples of staff responsibilities that need to be taken seriously. These aspects will be explored by solicitors during accident claims Scotland wide.

If you have been injured at work despite following all safety procedures, then speak to the personal injury compensation experts at Personal Injury Claims Scotland. Our specialists will assess your accident at work claim Scotland based, and inform you as to whether you have a case. We can be found at

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